Do you love your smartphone, can’t imagine coping without it by your side 24/7, but at the same time are concerned about your expectation of privacy? Earlier this week, Boston attorney Cynthia Larose posted a great recap and summary of the current law and pending legislation in the areas of biometricsfacial recognition, geolocation (a/k/a GPS tracking) on Mintz Levin’s Privacy & Security Matters.

In 2013 geolocation and biometrics were hot topics. Apple included a fingerp…rint reader on the new iPhone which was either really cool or an epic fail depending on your viewpoint, and Google and the NSA are tracking our every move.

Larose’s post is actually the third installment of an informative and useful 12-part series aptly titled The 12 Days of Privacy, which touches on HIPAA regulations, ongoing FTC Internet regulations, and children’s privacy issues, among other topics.