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It’s good to own an iPhone—especially if you don’t live in Minnesota

Posted in Privacy Law, Technology Law
While Congress mulls over proposed federal legislation that would require smartphone manufacturers to incorporate a “kill switch” feature in all new devices sold, Minnesota just beat them to punch, becoming the first state to enact such a law. The so-called kill switch is a feature that would allow devices to be completely disabled—remotely—as a way … Continue Reading

Third Circuit Will Hear GPS Tracking Case En Banc

Posted in New Jersey, Privacy Law, Technology Law
In October, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals became the highest federal court to decide that police must first have a search warrant before they can install a GPS tracking device on a vehicle. That decision came roughly a year after the U.S. Supreme Court decided that installing a GPS tracking device on a vehicle constitutes a “search” … Continue Reading

Server Failure vs. Operator Error

Posted in Internet & Media Law, Privacy Law, Technology Law
Several months ago, during the SOPA controversy, I discovered that all of my domains were registered through, which was purportedly a strong proponent of the controversial legislative proposal. Wanting to dissociate myself and my firm from that brand of politics, I opted to have all my domains transferred over to a company that I didn't have to be ashamed of… Continue Reading

The Irony of Technology: Takeaways From #ABATECHSHOW 2012

Posted in Internet & Media Law, New Jersey, Technology Law
I’m writing this from my Chicago hotel room after just getting back from the final session at ABA TechShow® 2012, where I spent the past three days learning about, seeing, and trying the latest and greatest technology tools for practicing law. Ironically, despite the myriad gadgets and tech toys from literally all over the world, the best … Continue Reading