hoboken taxis underwater.jpgWe all survived Hurricane Sandy. Our New Brunswick, NJ offices are back online, however, most of us are still without any utilities at our homes. All New Jersey courts were closed Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week, and most of them, including the federal courthouses and Middlesex County Courthouse, are closed today and tomorrow as well.

Since I’m a volunteer firefighter, I was on duty and responding to emergencies all day Monday and Tuesday. I got to come home yesterday, and since then I’ve been spending time with my family. Today I started reaching out to clients, individually, to let them know that we’re here and available to help if needed. If I haven’t connected with you yet, you should expect to hear from me by tomorrow/Friday, when I plan on being in the office for most if not all of the day.

In addition to the courts being closed all week, we haven’t received any mail since last Friday, so I have yet to find out as to when the various hearings and depositions that were canceled, this week, will be rescheduled.

Photo credit: flickr.com