Dharun Ravi Photo_wide.jpg

A Middlesex County grand jury returned a 15-count indictment against nineteen-year-old Dharun Ravi, the former roommate of the Rutgers music student who committed suicide last September.

Ravi was already facing criminal invasion of privacy charges, for secretly recording his roommate, eighteen-year-old Tyler Clementi, having a homosexual encounter using a webcam. Ravi now faces additional charges of bias, three counts evidence tampering, and one count witness tampering, based on the prosecutor’s allegations that Ravi purposely mislead investigators and witnesses throughout the investigation, and that he deleted an incriminating Twitter post.

Assuming that Ravi is a homophobe, which seems readily apparent, isn’t it ironic—what’s likely to happen to him if he’s convicted? I haven’t seen the actual indictment, so I can’t determine whether any of the charges have mandatory prison sentences. If I do find a copy of the indictment, I’ll post it here later, with comments.