Why hire us?

We are not your father’s law firm.

There are no pictures of courthouse columns or judge’s gavels on our website—because those images don’t describe this law firm. You also won’t find overstuffed manila file folders, oversized leather chairs, or dusty law books in our offices. Our books have been replaced by eBooks and electronic legal databases, which we’re able to keep updated to the very latest editions at a fraction of the cost of a traditional law library. Similarly, our offices are paperless—instead of files bursting at the seams, each client file is in a secure computer database, which gives us 24-hour access to every document from every case and every client, anywhere in the world.

And we’ve moved beyond the old school leather furniture, in favor of functional (not to mention sustainable) chairs and tables, which, aside from being a lot less intimidating than traditional law office furniture, also makes us a lot more productive.

We are a forward-thinking law firm that serves mainly (but not exclusively) technology and business people, entrepreneurs, and business owners, and creative professionals. We have adapted the way we practice law to serve these highly trained and sophisticated individuals—like you.

What do we do?

We help creative professionals and startups establish sustainable business policies to protect their intellectual property and guard against costly litigation. We are a boutique privacy and intellectual property litigation firm, helping creators enforce their exclusive rights against infringers, and defending innocent internet subscribers from copyright trolls. At the same time, we fight for your First Amendment rights, and work hard to protect our clients’ privacy in the digital world of 24/7 data mining & collection.

If you receive a copy of a subpoena, or a notice from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), you should contact a copyright attorney immediately. We can help you protect your name from becoming a public record in court documents, and can help you find a better way out of the staggering statutory damages & attorney’s fees that accompany judgments for copyright infringement.