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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Conrad Murray Gets Maximum Sentence for Michael Jackson’s Death

Posted in Entertainment Law
Judge Michael Pastor just gave Conrad Murray the maximum sentence allowed by California law for involuntary manslaughter — four years in the L.A. County Jail. Video footage of the entire hearing is available at I have no doubt that Murray’s attorneys will appeal, but as I said previously, appellate courts don’t make a habit … Continue Reading

Latest News on Blood Doping in Pro Cycling

Posted in Sports
Last week, attorney Lee Davis aptly noted a French court’s decision handing down a 12-month suspended sentence to cyclist Floyd Landis for his 2006 in attempt to steal documents from a French drug-testing laboratory. The documents in question related to Landis’s 2006 Tour de France victory, which was stripped from him after drug tests revealed … Continue Reading

Attorney Joe Bahgat Appears on Fox News Special Report

Posted in Sports
  On Monday I was interviewed by Fox News for a one-hour special The Crisis at Penn State, hosted by John Roberts (no, not the Chief Justice, the other one!). If you click on the image to the left, it takes you to a 20-second video promo. The special report is scheduled to air tomorrow/Saturday night … Continue Reading

What if Conrad Murray had Kept his Mouth Shut?

Posted in Entertainment Law
Although we’re still almost two weeks away from Conrad Murray’s sentencing, I just read a great post by white-collar criminal defense attorney Charles Kreindler that makes a very salient point: We all have a constitutional right not to speak to police who are investigating a potential crime, but just because you think you have nothing … Continue Reading

Stricter Child-Abuse-Reporting Laws May Not Have Prevented the Penn State Scandal From Continuing

Posted in New Jersey, Sports
Even if you believe exiled Penn State FB Coach Mike McQueary’s 11th-hour revelation that he did intervene in the child rape that he says he witnessed in the locker room showers in March 2002, it still doesn’t change the fact that after that incident, Jerry Sandusky continued to have access to, and continued to molest … Continue Reading

NJ Says ‘Yes’ to Sports Betting, But Why?

Posted in New Jersey, Ohio, Sports
A lot of folks might not have even realized that Tuesday was Election Day. As an aside, I find it unfortunate that people don’t take the extra few minutes to stop and vote on every election day — not just when there’s a presidential race, or some other consequence of great magnitude — but I’ll … Continue Reading

Resources for Keeping Up with the Penn State Sex Scandal

Posted in Sports
It’s probably safe to say that the Penn State sex scandal is one of the most pervasive topics in all of media right now, and since new facts are still coming in by the hour, it’s way too soon to offer any meaningful analysis, but I thought it would be helpful to provide a synopsis … Continue Reading

How Much Time Will Conrad Murray Spend Behind Bars?

Posted in Entertainment Law
First thing first: I’m not at all shocked by yesterday’s guilty verdict in the case against Michael Jackson’s former physician, Conrad Murray. Sure, I said before that Murray was not a criminal, and explained my reasoning, but I never said that the jury would find him not guilty of manslaughter. Given the circumstances of this … Continue Reading

Third Circuit Rules Against FCC in Wardrobe Malfunction Case

Posted in Media Law
A picture may be worth a thousand words, but apparently, it’s not worth a half million bucks. While we’re all still waiting for the U.S. Supreme Court to hear oral argument in the F.C.C. v. Fox case later this term (see earlier posts here & here), we finally have an answer to a related question concerning … Continue Reading

Breaking News: Big East is “No Longer a Viable & Competitive Football Conference”

Posted in Sports
Over the weekend, ESPN reported that the West Virginia Mountaineers were heading to the Big XII Conference, just weeks after Syracuse and Pitt announced their defection from the much-maligned Big East. Yesterday, the West Virginia Univ. Board of Governors filed a six-count lawsuit [PDF] against the Big East, in Monongalia County Circuit Court (WV), which essentially accuses … Continue Reading