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Internet On Trial

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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Golf Rules to Change for the Better, After 276 Years

Posted in Sports
And I thought it took too long for Congress to fix bad laws… What began as 13 rules authored by a Scottish golf club in 1744 are now 34 regulations and procedures. The 155-page book resembles a car manual, and probably gets as much use. The NY Times is reporting that the powers that be … Continue Reading

Tweet this…

Posted in Intellectual Property, Trademark
Who knew that the word tweet wasn’t even owned by Twitter? Apparently, since 2008, a little-known advertising agency named Twittad has owned the exclusive rights to what has become a household phrase. Twitter has finally laid its hands on trademark rights to the word “tweet,” but the case provides yet another lesson in why companies … Continue Reading

University Paid Nearly $142K in Football Players’ Legal Fees

Posted in Ohio, Sports
Who do you think foots the bill when a university hires attorneys to defend its student–athletes? Ohio State University’s student newspaper—The Lantern—ran a story earlier this week about the outrageous legal fees the school has paid thus far in defending various football players against alleged NCAA rules infractions. The “Sports Illustrated 9″ refers to nine … Continue Reading