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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Dr. Murray is a Quack, not a Criminal

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Nancy Grace should stick to dancing, because even though she looks like a clydesdale in high heels, she’s a better dancer than attorney/legal analyst: Dr. Conrad Murray is a certifiable quack, but that doesn’t mean he’s guilty of manslaughter. As everybody probably knows by now, the trial of the physician accused of causing Michael Jackson’s … Continue Reading

Marijuana Package Mailed to Bengal Home

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If you follow the NFL at all, it probably comes as no surprise that narcotics investigators recently tracked a 2.5 lb. package of marijuana from the so-called Emerald Triangle region of northern California to the northern Kentucky home of Cincinnati Bengal wide receiver Jerome Simpson. Yesterday, a reader emailed me to ask questions about this most recent Bengals … Continue Reading

The Big East’s Real Victims are its Football Players

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This past weekend Syracuse University and the University of Pittsburgh announced that they had applied to join the ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference), leaving the Big East behind. Within a day, the ACC announced that its member institutions unamimously approved the addition of the two universities. Both schools are apparently ready to part with the $5M exit fee … Continue Reading

New Season, New Rules, Bad Uni’s

Posted in Ohio
Another college football season is upon us, and to make sure that everyone at home can keep up with all the suspensions and other mysterious or unexplained absences from their favorite college team, the NCAA has conveniently released its most recent rules manual. It’s a whopping 439 pages, and after reading it cover to cover, I … Continue Reading