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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Trademark Protection Isn’t Available for ‘Merely Descriptive’ Marks

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Here is an example of a poor judgment with regard to spending money on legal fees. In a nutshell, a popular legal blogsite filed suit to invalidate two trademarks registered by another popular legal site, Technolawyer. The trademarks in question are “BigLaw,” and “SmallLaw,” which Technolawyer uses as nicknames to classify AmLaw 100 law … Continue Reading

Opening Statements Today in Bonds Trial

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Barry Bonds’s criminal perjury trial officially began yesterday, with a full day of voir dire (pronouncedvwahr deer), which is the process by which attorneys select a jury by questioning the prospective jurors on their backgrounds and potential biases. At the end of the day, eight women and four men, two of whom are black, were selected—at the end … Continue Reading

Class-Action Privacy Suit Filed Against Netflix; Federal Privacy Law in the Works

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  If you’ve ever subscribed to Netflix, you’re probably aware that they use your movie watching history to suggest other movies that you might like. Sounds pretty innocuous, right? But according to a lawsuit filed in the Northern District of California March 11th, Netflix also retains its subscribers’ viewing histories indefinitely (even long after they’ve discontinued … Continue Reading

How To Win Your 2011 March Madness Pool (and not get fired)

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Selection Sunday is upon us. For a lot of business owners and department heads, that means the upcoming week will be one of the least productive work weeks of the year, especially since this year, “for the first time ever, every tournament game will be carried live nationally in its entirety across CBS, TBS, TNT[,] … Continue Reading

Will the NCAA Sanction Tressel if he Withheld Information?

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I don’t care about motivation. I care about credibility. —Eliot Spitzer This is less about the law and probably much less about college football than it is about credibility. First of all, does Yahoo! Sports have any credibility as an investigative news publication? More importantly, however, if it is true that Tressel received information that players sold Buckeye memorabilia to the owner … Continue Reading