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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Law Firm X’mas Cards

Posted in Copyright, Media Law
  Because of the fact being that I’m in the process of opening a second office—in another state, no less—my office won’t be sending out “holiday” cards this year. It’s not that I don’t have the time. I could easily plug something into my word processor, send it through mail merge, and they’d all pop … Continue Reading

Michigan Prosecutors File Felony Charges Against Husband for Email Snooping

Posted in Computer Crimes, Privacy Law
Leon Walker is facing felony charges of fraudulent access to a computer, for logging into his ex-wife’s Gmail account, during the pendency of the couple’s divorce proceedings. If convicted, Walker faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. MCL 752.795. Walker’s attorney is accusing the Oakland County … Continue Reading

Christie Commutes Controversial Gun Possession Sentence

Posted in New Jersey
Although not directly related to sports or entertainment law, gun possession seems to be a recurring theme with professional athletes (my inaugural post to this blog) so there is a remote nexus. Also, I personally am entertained by NJ Governor Chris Christie, and after all, he is a lawyer (former U.S. Att’y for the District … Continue Reading

Shankopotamus: NY High Court Says Golfer Has No Duty to Yell ‘Fore!’

Posted in Sports
Earlier today, the NY Court of Appeals released a decision affirming the dismissal of a negligence case filed by Dr. Azad Anand, against his [former] golfing buddy, Dr. Anoop Kapoor, which arose out of injuries sustained from a shanked fairway shot. “A person who chooses to participate in a sport or recreational activity consents to … Continue Reading

Jury Awards Professors $5M in Defamation Suit Against West

Posted in Defamation, Intellectual Property, Media Law, Right of Publicity, Trademark
  For everyone who says that juries aren’t giving out mega-verdicts anymore, here’s your exception: Last week, a federal jury in Philadelphia gave a $5,000,000 early X’mas present to a couple law professors in a defamation suit.† (Jury’s Verdict pdf file). Outside of legal contexts, the term defamation gets thrown around a lot, and although … Continue Reading

Commercial Loudness Mitigation Act to Bring Relief to TV Viewers

Posted in Media Law
Congress Agrees on Legislation Impacting Americans in All Tax Brackets It may soon be tougher to catch your teenage child watching TV when they’re supposed to be studying (or sleeping). But actually, this may be a good thing. Everyone is all too familiar with spikes in TV volume during seques between programming and commercial breaks, … Continue Reading

GoDaddy Domain Thief to Spend 5 Years in Prison

Posted in Computer Crimes, Cybersquatting, Entertainment Law, Intellectual Property, Internet & Media Law, New Jersey, Sports
This is not cybersquatting. In fact, it’s being called the first legal case of its kind—theft of an Internet domain name. A New Jersey man pleaded guilty to felony theft by deception in connection with his admission that he stole a company’s Internet domain name, and then sold it on eBay for $111,211. The domain … Continue Reading

“Sports Law” Doesn’t Really Exist: Part III, Intellectual Property

Posted in Copyright, Intellectual Property, Right of Publicity, Sports, Trademark
Given the way in which sports—even collegiate sports—have become so heavily branded, merchandised, and televised, another area of law that routinely intersects sports is intellectual property—namely copyright, trademark, licensing, and the all-but-forgotten right-of-publicity. For example, the University of Alabama sued the artist who painted this picture commemorating the Tide’s 2010 BCS National Championship. The artist, … Continue Reading